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Thu 23 May 2019  

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Tips For Making Your Patchwork Project 3

Consider not only the colours you like but also the depth of colour. Try and divide your colours into pale, medium and dark. If you have a green is it pale green, medium green or dark green? It looks rather dull if you make a patchwork will all medium shades.
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If you look at nature there are different shades within any scene. If you look at sunlight on the water of a river the water is not all one shade of blue or green. There is life in the water and this is displayed by light and varying shades of the colour. There should in turn be life in a patchwork if it is going to sparkle. You may think that dark colours should be avoided but these are used to act as a foil to the lighter colours showing the contrast between the two.

Experiment with fabrics. Patchwork is all about the relationship of one fabric to the next. If you put two fabrics side by side the combination of the two can look entirely different to viewing the two fabrics independently.

Patchwork can be a glorious combination of colour and patterns.
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The easiest way to start is to pick one printed design that you like with a colouring you find pleasing.

Look into this design and start adding other fabrics in colours you find in the original choice. Wonderful fabrics for bringing out these colours can be found in the Bubbles, Spraytime, Marble and Two Tone Petal ranges. These are prints that are nearly one colour but the printed design makes them look almost textured. You may be surprised how your original fabric comes to life when you put these colours together.
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