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Thu 08 Oct 2009  


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Thread For Patchwork

Thread plays a very important part in the construction of patchwork and indeed in the making of a quilt.

A piece of patchwork is very often made with numerous small pieces of fabric and - even working with the standard quarter of an inch seam allowance – a fair amount of bulk is produced.

Piecing and Bobbin Thread

There are differing opinions as to what type of thread should be used for sewing. I feel that it is a shame to construct seams of a patchwork with a thread that is stronger than the fibres of the fabric. If this is done it is quite possible for the fibres of the quilt fabric to tear rather than any stitching. It is always preferable to protect the fabric itself. This would suggest that a cotton thread should be used for piecing natural fibre such as cotton fabric but often I have found ordinary cotton thread to be too bulky. The answer to this problem is YLI Soft Touch 100% long staple cotton thread. It is a 60/2 ply extra long staple Egyptian cotton that is much thinner than the normal 40 weight. It is very smooth for stitching, fantastic for appliqué and is just the job when used as a bobbin thread for machine quilting. Because it is very fine it comes into its own when piecing. A quarter of an inch seam does not appear to be all thread and no seam allowance! It may also be used for fine heirloom stitching and indeed is apparently good for lace making. It comes in 25 shades that will blend with any patchwork colour scheme. For magical results in machine quilting use YLI Variegated or Solid Colour Machine Quilting thread as your top thread along with YLI Soft Touch in the bobbin.

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