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Thu 08 Oct 2009  


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Colour Value

Colour Values for Patchwork

We all know how exciting it is to mix colours in a patchwork quilt. Often we decide to pick a certain colour scheme to go specifically with the room in which it is to be used or displayed.

Patchwork material is available in more or less any colour in both printed and plain fabric but apart from the colour, it is most important to consider the value of that colour.

Colour value refers to the depth of the colour be it light, medium or dark. These are also known as tints and hues. If they are mixed with flair an otherwise flat design can come to life and take on the appearance having an almost 3D quality.

Take the two examples of a Tumbling Block mini quilt. The one on the left has exactly the same diamond patchwork pieces but is all in the same colour and colour value. However the quilt on the right is a mix of light, medium and dark fabrics of that one colour giving far more depth and interest to the patchwork.

Apply this to any patchwork quilt and make sure that whatever colours and printed fabrics are used, there is also a mix of light, medium and dark to give your patchwork that magic spark of life.

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