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Mon 14 Oct 2019  


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Buying Online

Many of you will be quite used to purchasing on line and will hopefully find this site easy to use. You can skip the next bit without fear of the unknown.

BUT if you are new to the internet the whole process may seem daunting. Remember all experts had to buy on line for the first time once!

You can put some items in your shopping basket just as you could in a supermarket. Look around the shelves - pick off what you want and play at buying - there is nothing to be scared of.

If you want 2 metres of a certain fabric, click on the Add or Add to Cart symbol, depending on where in the cart you are at the time. This does not buy the fabric but it takes you to the area where you can buy if you so wish. This is headed 'Your shopping cart contents'. It is really like a shopping trolley but the difference is that you can tell how much it will cost before you go through the checkout!

Put in the Quantity Box how much you want to buy remembering you are buying fabric lengths in multiples of quarter of a metre. If you then click 'Update' the cart will calculate how much you want to buy by the unit cost of the product and it will give you the amount of that item.

If you want something else, click 'Back to Shopping' and you can go back and select another product and bring it to 'Your shopping cart contents', put in the quantity and calculate the cost of that item.

The two choices will be displayed and a total will be shown.

If you change your mind you can remove an item from the trolley by clicking in the Remove Box which looks like a dustbin adjacent to the item to be removed and then click the update button which is like two swirling arrows and it will be removed and the total changed.

When you are ready to buy some goods, check and confirm your order and continue on from this point and be guided through to the payment gateway - Secure Trading.

When you have successfully progressed through payment your order is on the way to being ready and should be with you shortly, please check your email for confirmation of your order.

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